Resurrection Band


Rooster Crow

Resurrection Band - INNOCENT - © 1989

What did you say
What did you do
When they asked ya, who are you?
Did you tell 'em, who you know?
Did you hear that rooster crow?
How will you answer?
Where will you go?
Have you heard that rooster crow?


Altar Of Pain

Resurrection Band - INNOCENT - © 1989

Condemn the heads of the ever-learning
Blot out the pages in the sacred tongues
Board up the windows where the candle's burning
These are the days of the gifted young

Listeng for wisdom, weeping bitter tears
Eyes like like diamonds, hearts of steel
Murdering truth for passionless gain
The gifted youth, kneeling at the altar of pain

Prepare the ground for the un-needed
That dwell in the houses of the twisted limb
Throw down the throne where the justice is sealed
Set up the altar of the Aryan

Listeng for wisdom, weeping bitter tears
Eyes like like diamonds, hearts of steel
Murdering truth for passionless gain
The gifted youth, kneeling

The high and mighty cry out
If you challenge the lie that they call truth
For every time there is a season
And these are the days of the gifted youth


The House Is On Fire

Resurrection Band - INNOCENT - © 1989

I smell smoke on the holy ground
I feel the heat, somethin's comin' down

I'm barely awake in this midnight hour
Under the spell of a numbling power
I can taste flames in the scorchin' light
How I wish I was dreamin'
Wrong an' not right
How wish I was wrong, an' not right, right, right

How can I hesitate
It's gettin' harder to breathe 
In the grey smoke hanging
Suffocating me

The house is on fire

The walls are alive in this red-hot blaze
Shout to the sleepers throught the terminal haze
As the sparks fly up and the flames reach higher
Call me what you will but I ain't no liar

The house is on fire!


80,000 Underground

Resurrection Band - INNOCENT - © 1989

Bones beneath the shovel's blade
That's what the radio said
Years ago a pay-off made
Build a mall on top of the dead

80,000 Undergound

80,000 not a sound
80,000 nameless souls
Brothers, sisters of us all

A mother in her cotton dress
A little baby taken in distress
A hobo with a kindly face
There was a daughter of a southern slave

Bulging wallets, empty hearts
The walking dead push shopping carts
What price human dignity?
Betrayed because of poverty	   


Fiend Or Foul

Resurrection Band - INNOCENT - © 1989

I beat the dead, they don't fight back
They have no need, they have no lack
They bear the marks of my attack
I beat the dead, they don't react

I rob the poor, they don't mind
I take whatever I happend to find
It's never much at any one time
I rob the poor, it's not a crime

Call me fiend, call me foul
Throw me to the dogs that bite and howl
Before you point your finger or cry an empty tear
Buy yourself an alibi, get yourself a mirror

I kill the children before they born
As their little feet begin to form
Don't buy them shoes, they won't be worm
I kill the children, I am not scorned


Where Roses Grow

Resurrection Band - INNOCENT - © 1989

Empty promises, that were etched in stone
Scattered by the wind to places I have known
All the burning lamps by the window panes
Lit for their return, but they never came
I lose myself in deep regret
Still I hear a voice that I can't forget

Says: we will run where roses grow, our feet unbound at last
Laugh as morning dawns, the night forever passed
See the face of glory, feel the river flow
Hear the voice of God, and run where roses grow

Fading hope is gathered as the sky grows dim
Somewhere it's raining, but it's drought within
Out across the desert, was it fate or was it chance?
I saw clouds approaching where I took my stance

Hear the thunder rolling - can you hear the horn?
I'm climbing Jacob's ladder - up through the storm

Stand with me at the Mercy Seat
With mounds of ashes spread about my feet
You know who I am, all I think I know
See it in the marrow, buried deep in the bone
How is there no anger in the words I hear?
Only love and mercy, erasing every fear


Right On Time

Resurrection Band - INNOCENT - © 1989

Your love was right on time

I remember when I was young
Swayed in the grass of an autumn sun
I'd feel the wind upon my face
Before it blew to another place

But I've grown older since the magic of those days
Forgotten how the breezes make the meadows play

Your love was right on time

Somethin' tells me I'm not alone
Travellin' down this lonesome road
I feel sometimes that I could cry
Not knowin' the reasons why

Then He told me I was losin' all control
Then He told me I could lose my very soul
I knew I coul not make it on my own
Then you came along and made me whole

Your love was right on time

Seasons passin' as they will
Fields are mown and the the ground lies still
Now in sorrow it comes to mind
Left more than youth and fields behind

Now in mercy it comes to mind

Your love was right on time


Child Of The Blues

Resurrection Band - INNOCENT - © 1989

I grew up in a welfare state
Where the winters were cold
And the checks came late
With hand-medown clothes
And a hole in my heart
It seemed nothin' could fill
A child of the blues

Mamma was lonely
She left us at night
She said "You be good!"
An' locked door tight
But I couldn't sleep
For wonderin' if she would return
'Cause sometimes you lose

Mama was cryin'
When the sheriff came in
Like bein' on welfare
Is some kinda sin
All of your things
Tossed out in the street wish I knew what to do
But it ain't no use

They said that we're lazy
Ingorant poor
We get there too late
They locked up the door
The shelter is warm
But it sure ain't no home
Is this payin' your dues?
Child of the blues


Laughing Man

Resurrection Band - INNOCENT - © 1989

Laughter in the hall of mirrors
Weeping at the backstage door
Take your pick, 'cause I have mine
I'm sick and tired and bored

See the laughing man
Cynic's mask in hand

Bend straight paths, by careless force
Pollute love's river, at the source
Hope is a joke, I play the clown
I'm gonna shoot up the whole downtown

Lotta talk about love, where it is?
Show me real life, I wanna kiss it



Resurrection Band - INNOCENT - © 1989

I'd gladly lose me to find You
I'd gladly give up all I have
To find You, I'd suffer anything and be glad
I'll pay any price just to get You
I'll work all my life, yes, I will
To win You, I'd stand naked, stoned and stabbed

I'll call that a bargain, the best I ever had

I'll gladly lose me to find You
Gladly give up all I got
To get You, I'm gonna run and never stop
I'll pay any price just to win You
To find You, I'm gonna drown an unsung man

I call that a bargain, the best I ever had

I sit lookin' round
I look at my face in the mirror
I know I'm worth nothing, without You
In life one an' one don't make two
One an' one make one 
An' I'm lookin' for that free ride to me
I'm lookin' for You



Great God In Heaven

Resurrection Band - HOSTAGE - © 1984

There's a great God in heaven
Great God in heaven
There's a great God in heaven
An' nodoby can deny
An' nobody can deny

Well He got the book of judgement
Hell 'an death are in His hand
He knows the name of Moses
Took him to the promised land

Now the heavens shake and tremble
At the coming of the King
Every knee shall bow and tongue confess
When Jesus comes again that

The Spirit is my witness
My name is on the roll
And sure as hell is a fiery furnace
I ain't gonna go


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