Resurrection Band



Resurrection Band - HOSTAGE - © 1984

When I was just a kid I tought everyone was true
How 'bout you
I'd stand up in school
With a hand in my heart
How true - trought an' trought

There goes a kid a kid with a S.O.S.
There goes a kid a kid with a S.O.S.

All of my days were spent listening to those
Around me, what they'd say
I was taking it in
And they were dishing it out
Always right, what could I say?

I was send to Sunday school
We all learned the golden rule
Teacher thought we were all real sweet
The kids in the class swept her off her feet
That was another time
Before confusion has ripped my mind

Ideas here questions over there
Like the leaves in the the trees everywhere
Climb up in one and what have you done
It really doesn't get you anywhere

Years have passed and lots of things
Have bounced between me heart and brain
From army green to down in the drain
No place to go and half insane
Like the clouds that are full of rain
Jesus came down and spoke my name

No more alarm because I see You
No more alarm no more S.O.S.
No more alarm because



Resurrection Band - HOSTAGE - © 1984

Out on the edge of the universe where no mortals dare to go
There from above the crimson clouds He watches down below
His eyes are blazing flames of fire, His voice a thundering roar
The nations shudder at the sound, they beg to hear no more

Attention - stand on your feet
Attention - listen to me

A trillion stars an planets were born at His command
The keys to life and judgement are held within His hand
Demons cringe and tremble, they fear to hear His Name
The rise and fall of kingdom is left within His wake

Lightning flashes round His hand, the veil is torn in two
Nothing can resist His power, even death is doomed
And yet He stoops to shelter those who call His Name
That is why He suffered, and that is why He came

Attention - stand on your feet
Attention - you can be free



Souls For Hire

Resurrection Band - HOSTAGE - © 1984

You toy with the truth
You dilute with water
You hate your wife
But you say you love your daughter

Envision if you will
A world on fire
It's a flaming sin
We're sould for hire

You get what you pay for
A jack of all trades
A fish full of small change
A host of charades
Philosophies drifting
To please every whim
It only depends
On the mood you're in

You learn toward religion
You secularize
Don't feed me excuses
They're nothing but lies
The time that you're wasting
Is precios to Him
Truth is you don't confront sin

Like a magician
With rabbit in hand
A wand of ideas
At your command
Some will be fooled
And believe what you say
But God will be the last
To speak on that day

Leave or be left
That's what it says
Be loved if you want
Or lost if you don't
Don't blame the preacher
Don't balme the school
Don't blame conditions
Don't be a fool
If you live in darkness
It's you that decides
An' it won't freeze over
No matter the time


Defective Youth

Resurrection Band - HOSTAGE - © 1984

Don't ask about our problems
We don't know ourselves
We crave success and pleasure
Materialistic cells
Send us off the school
But make sure that we don't pray
Drugs and sex and violence
Teenage passion play

We are twisted
We are rotten
No 60s answers, please
We are handsome
We are modern
Got a terminal social desease

Defective youth!
Why won't you listen

Please don't analyze me
I'm gone beyond recall
Rule books, revolutions
Don't mean that much at all
What's good for me is good
There's only self and void
Indefferent adolescent
A teenage android

My heart is at the North Pole
Needs moral antifreeze
Church people pushing answers
You want me on my knees
You say He's the solution
You tell me you got love
I say you gotta prove it
When push comes to shove


Who's Real Anymore

Resurrection Band - HOSTAGE - © 1984

Preachers beggin' on the radio
Makin' pleas on T.V. shows - all right
All I hear is gimme gimme money
Isn't that a little bit funny - all right

I know what you're thinkin'
I know what you're makin' of this
Who's real anymore

People talk about faith and trust
But you can't have it till they see the green stuff
I've seen the shores of many a land but this greed
I still don't understand - all right

I count the cost I don't see no cash
Let's be real is money gonna last - all right
People livin' and dyin' in the streets
You fill your pockets now that's real sweet - all right

I know what you're thinkin'
I know what you're makin' of this
Who's real anymore
Are you real anymore



Armageddon Appetite

Resurrection Band - HOSTAGE - © 1984



Beyond The Gun

Resurrection Band - HOSTAGE - © 1984

Still, in the fog- ruled chill
I have had my fill
Now the will to move, I choose

To run, out beyond the gun
They're as cold as you
Like the barricade, you built

And, with no guilt or shame
I whisper Your Name
In the blue light, tonight

No, no more questions here
Now to shed this fear
Strip myself of frigid steel and concrete

Here in the backstreet
Crossing the zone, wire and trench
You, God my sole defence

How, I love you, land of my birth
Now I leave you
And perhaps this earth

Now the will to go
At last I choose
At least I chose
Father, run with me please

I run
I run
I run

To run out beyond the gun
To run out beyond the gun
To run out beyond the gun
To run out beyond the gun



Resurrection Band - HOSTAGE - © 1984

In the glare of the streetlight
Young toughs on the prowl
In the pale of the moonlight
Ghetto wakes with a howl

Crimes, gettin' ready for crimes
Crimes, in our hearts an' our minds

Hot times in the city
Big deal on the curb
Kids strugglin' to bust out
Tryin' to act on their nerve

It don't matter what they taught you
When you're unemployed
Feelin' restless and ripped off
And you know you're annoyed

I got a new piece of news for you
You can get bailed out
God can change your criminal heart
That's what love's about

It was crime, just a low-down crime
Just a crime, in my heart in my mind

No more crimes
In my heart, in my mind


It's You

Resurrection Band - HOSTAGE - © 1984

It's You
Make the atoms dance
It's You
Creates pure romance
It's You
I am thinking of
It's You, You, You

It's You
Lifts the poor man's head
It's You
Gives us daily bread
It's You
Sums up reality
It's You, You, You

When the world's powers got together
To nail You on that tree
You rolled away their hearts of stone
Said, "Come on - follow Me!"

It's You
Came to heal the sick
It's You
Sword that cuts to the quick
It's You
Cave this girl Your life
It's You, You, You

It's You
Washing off every stain
It's You
Who will come again
It's You
Fills my heart with Your love
It's You, You, You

I wanna be like You


Tears In The Rain

Resurrection Band - HOSTAGE - © 1984

Someone in the doorway
Barced against the cold
Red brick against his back
He thought he'd been so bold
With bitterness inside him
He recalled her face and name
She told him that she loved him
He told her the same
And walked away

Still her face before him
His guitar began to play
The band rocked on behind him
The crowd begun to sway
His album climbed the charts
Like a bullet from a gun
Fans numbered in the thousends
And he was number one

Dreamer dreaming dreams of youth
Dreams of days gone by
Dreams are spun by liars
Who won't release the lie
Don't you know ... there's
Murder in money, prison in fame
Danger in love, and tears in the rain

He stood in a silhuette
At last he wore the crown
Desire of a lifetime
On stage in his home town
And in the street outside
Was a long-forgotten face
Praying for the dreamer
She wept for boy's mistakes

And as he left the theathre
In his limousine
He saw her in an instant
Felt the breath of their lost dreams
But rock'n'roll was calling
The spotlight never waits
A crying girl and her God
Watched him move on to his fate


Walk Away

Resurrection Band - HOSTAGE - © 1984

Every time we walk away
We walk away from You
No chance in a million years
When we walk away from You
Why do we turn to go
Why do we walk away from You
Every time we live that way
We walk away from You

We don't know how to feel tonight
We wait in single file
We're hot, we're cold, we're in between
Whatever trend's in style
There's sadness in Your smile
There's sorrow in Your smile

Every time we're lost out there
We've walked away from You
Every time we're lonely
Oh, we've walked away from You


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